The Nine Club - Episode 296

Jack Olson

Jack Olson grew up in Minnesota, a state that is not known for its skate scene, but that didn't stop him from pursuing his passion. He started skating at 3rd Lair Skatepark, where he learnd his skills and competed in local and national contests. He caught the eye of Real Skateboards, who offered him a spot on their team. Olsen accepted, and soon he was skating with the best in the world.

One of his most notable achievements is landing a switch feeble on the Hollywood 16, one of the most iconic spots in skateboarding. He did it not once, but twice, consistently proving himself. He also turned pro for Real Skateboards multiple times, a rare feat in the industry. He explains that he turned pro the first time when he was too young and inexperienced, and that he felt more ready and deserving the second time.

Besides skating, Jack also has a business venture. He opened a skate shop called After Hours in his hometown, where he supports the local scene. He says that he wants to give back to the community that raised him and inspire the next generation of skaters.

Jack's latest project is his new part “After Hours.” He filmed it mostly in Minnesota, but also in other places like Los Angeles and Barcelona. Check it out below:

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