The Vans Europe Team Stars in Betty

No Veronicas allowed

Over the past year, Vans’ European team went on a sojourn across portions of the continent. The crew made stops in Belgium, France, and even Luxembourg. Do you think the Netherlands feels left out? The two other countries from the “Benelux” region got a visit from Vans but they didn’t? Well, at least the country still has some fine cheese options. Filmed by Harry Billiet, the video Betty features team riders Jereon Bruggeman, Arthur Buylinck, Timothy Deconinck, and Jonathan Vlerick. They aren’t the easiest names to spell, and don’t get us involved in a Vans Europe-centric spelling bee, but these are names you’ll want to remember after watching Betty

By the way, did you know that Vans and A$AP Rocky are collaborating on a new collection, including some shoes you can see Rocky repping. Read our post about it for more information, and a look at the shoes.

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