Vans Donates Computer to Every Student at an LA School

The brand keeps on giving

These days, Vans straddles the line between lifestyle wear and skateboarding wear. Unless they are dipping into their retro offerings they don’t necessarily cater to the serious skater when it comes to footwear any longer. Still, if you are a skater of a certain age, you have a soft spot in your heart for Vans. Plus, when they are doing stuff like this we have to give them a shout out regardless. Vans partnered with the EduCare Foundation to give a laptop computer to every student at the Los Angeles School of Global Studies. All 320 students, most of which are below the poverty line, were gifted a laptop and some other Vans stuff like shoes and backpacks. In addition to Vans’ “Foot the Bill” program that they’ve been doing during the pandemic, there’s been a lot of nice stories coming out of the Vans world. Whatever you think of their shoes, you have to like this, right?

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