Travel Back to 2017 with Santa Cruz

See some rising stars back when they were just getting on the scene

What were you doing back in 2017? Either loving or hating Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Watching the final episode of @Midnight? We know what Kevin Braun, Henry Gartland, Jereme Knibbs, and Maurio McCoy were doing. Back then, all four were amateur skaters, and now they are all pros on the Santa Cruz team. They were already working alongside the folks at Santa Cruz, though, and in 2017 that quartet went on their first excursion for Santa Cruz. The resulting “Day of Destruction” has become a part of the brand’s lore ever since. That’s what happens when a dude does a noseblunt down a flight of 18 stairs. You can now watch video of these four current pros back when they were merely amateurs trying to make a name for themselves. It’s clear now that there futures were always bright. Spend part of your day with the Day of Destruction above.

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