Check Out Maurio McCoy Taking the Santa Cruz 3-D Concave Challenge

It’ll change your perspective of what a board can be

When you’ve been in the skateboard game for as long as Santa Cruz has – they are the oldest active hard goods company in the United States – you can get a little creative here and there. Recently, Santa Cruz has been trying some different things with their board, usually with brand manager Andrew Cannon involved. Recently, Cannon and Maurio McCoy both grabbed a couple of Santa Cruz boards to shoot a video. They just happened to be pretty atypical boards.

For starters, the boards are only 7.75’’ wide, which is narrower than your average board. Just as notable is the 3-D concave shape the board has. McCoy and Cannon grabbed these 3-D concave boards and were put through their paces in terms of doing tricks under the gun of a timer. The boards may be different, but they seem to have their perks. Maybe the time has come for you to try a board that is a little left of centre. See how Santa Cruz’s design handles by watching the video above.

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