Tony Hawk has a New Fried Chicken Restaurant

They call him the “Birdman: for a reason

Tony Hawk has done it all. He’s landed a 900. He’s become the face of skateboarding, and skateboarding video games. Hawk popped up at the Tokyo Olympics, he’s been on The Simpsons, and is just generally a famous celebrity and skating’s all-time ambassador. Now, he’s added a fried chicken restaurant to the mix. Hawk and chef Andrew Bachelier have partnered to open the new restaurant Chick N’ Hawk in Encinitas, California. Now, any skater in the area is going to have to pay pilgrimage, at least if they eat fried chicken. Hey, maybe they’ll have some vegetarian options as well. What you might not know, though, is that Hawk has dipped into the restaurant business before. That includes investing in Steel Mill Coffee, which is run by his son Riley. On top of everything else, Hawk is a good dad. Look out for Chick N’ Hawk in 2022.

We don’t sell fried chicken, but Dose does have a merch store.

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