Tone and Kasci are “Cruisin’” for OJ Wheels

Another freshly-squeezed video from the wheels company

OK, so this is another solid video from the folks over at OJ Wheels. It comes from their Cruisin’ series, which is pretty laidback all things considered. You should definitely give it a watch if you dig these videos. However, when we were checking out the video on YouTube we got a little distracted. While we are immersed in the world of skateboarding, it struck us how insane the description of this video would be for somebody who was not well-versed in the world of skating, and skating videos.

First, the video is called “Tone and Kasci Hit the Dragon.” No last names mentioned. We guess they expect you to know who “Tone” and “Kasci” are. Then, whoever handles writing the descriptions for OJ wrote, “Grab your Super Juice and roll the Dragon with this ripping crew.... Once you've peeped the hype, grab your cruiser, and get rolling down the block.” That reads like what the skater stereotype character would say as a parody of skaters in a ‘90s family sitcom. Skateboarding is great, but man do we sound like lunatics sometimes. Anyway, check out Tone, Kasci, and the Dragon in the video above.

OJ also recommends heading over here to buy their wheels.

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