TJ Rogers Joins the eS Team

And his introductory part is pretty cool

After the Tokyo Olympics, we’re betting there are going to be a handful of announcements about skaters having new sponsors. That being said, there is no need to wait until after the Olympics to get on board with a new crew, especially if you didn’t happen to compete in Tokyo.

TJ Rogers may not have been an Olympic skater, but he’s no slouch. He’s also now a member of the eS Footwear crew. To introduce TJ as a member of eS, the brand released a video, which was filmed and edited by Christopher Thiessen with a VX camera. TJ? eS? VX? It’s a big day for letters. Check out Rogers’ new part in the video above.

eS says that Rogers is a big fan of their shoe the Evant. Find that, and others, in the eS shop.

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