The Nine Club Talks Injury Recovery with Walker Ryan and Dr Kyle Brown

You might pick up a few tips that will help you stay healthy in the future

Part of skating is injury. It’s hard to avoid getting banged up, and if you are injured you might not be able to get on your board for a while. To try and ensure you can heal up properly, you may want to listen to the advice of Walker Ryan and Dr. Kyle Brown, who recently stopped by Chris Roberts’ The Nine Club.


Ryan talks about skateboarding and his new book Off Clark, but a lot of the conversation is dedicated to dealing with injuries. Specifically, healing from injury. They espouse the benefits of physical therapy, and how it can help you recover after injuring yourself on your board. It’s important to take care of your body if you want to maximize your skating skills, and to prolong your time being able to get on the board. Check out the Nine Club conversation here:

We interview Ryan at the beginning of the Pandemic. Check it out here.