The Nine Club With Chris Roberts ft Beagle

Beagle Stop And Chat

On this episode of 'The Nine Club' hosted by everyone's favorite host, Chris Roberts, we have everyone's favorite VX filmer Beagle.

They jump right into it, and the conversation starts with The Shrimp Blunt  video and how it came to be; we get some insight into Beagle's filming style and some of the backstories he shares from some memorable times behind the camera. Everyone agrees that Beagle brings so much to the table with his unique eye for filming and capturing what's going on around him that isn't just skateboarding.

Beagle talks about a funny situation in which @samespotsameangle shared a clip from The Shrimp Blunt video' where they managed to catch him out on an accidental filmer violation of his own clip. He had filmed two different riders doing the same trick in the same way almost ten years apart:
Bryan Herman - 'Stay Gold' and Jake Hayes - 'Shrimp Blunt.'

They also talk about his YouTube channel known as 'Hijinx Net' and what time and effort is involved when it comes to making his 'Beagle Tapes' episodes, along with what's still to come and much more to get clued up with. Also, Baker Has A Deathwish 2!?


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