Take a Look at the Olympic Skatepark Design

We’re getting closer and closer to history

Is it finally going to happen? We were supposed to see the debut of skateboarding as an Olympic event last summer, only for a global pandemic to ruin those plans. Now, the Tokyo Olympics are supposed to finally happen this July. As we prepare for that, and it’s going to be a landmark moment for skateboarding as a sport, more and more information is coming out. Now, California Skateparks, who designed the courses being used for the Olympics, has unveiled their designs. You can see the look of the park and street courses over on their Instagram. Just knowing some skater is going to be able to just a staircase at the Olympics still feels wild and exciting. The street competition layout seems really cool to us, and it’s just interesting to see the layout of these parks. We were already excited, but now the excitement is through the roof. Hopefully come July we’re seeing our first skaters hit the course to make history.


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