T-Funk Wins SLS Trick Of The Year!

T-Funks FS Ollie at the China Banks just made him $10,000 richer

The wait for the winner of the SLS, Trick Of The Year 2022 is finally over! A congratulations is in order for T-Funk and rightfully so, as he's only gone and bagged himself the 2022 Trick of the Year award and $10,000!!

With most of the stronger contenders earning themselves an honorable mention, it was becoming clearer that now Jase’s Miami Leap Of Faith was out there, that now T-Funks Ollie could possibly claim the title for the trick of the year. Well now the cat is out of the bag and as the SLS Trick Of The Year announces the news on Instagram, they give us a swift reminder of why in the 40+ year history there, despite a hell of a lot of tricks being done down at the China Banks, T-Funk has well and truly upped the ante with his ballsy FS Ollie over the big boy bench! You can see this madness below:



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