Skateboarding is Good for Your Mental Health

According to a Study

Many skateboarders understand how good it is for their mental health and sense of community. Now researchers are catching up. 

In a major study, researchers from the University of California found that skateboarding improves mental health, fosters community, and promotes diversity and resilience. The study also indicated that people from a diversity of races and genders are important and active members of the skateboarding community.

The report was funded by the Tony Hawk Foundation (since rebranded as The Skatepark Project). Focusing on 13-to 25-year-olds, respondents reported that skateboarding helps to alleviate their stress. Young people often suffer from depression and the study is said to be significant in light of teenage suicide statistics. 

Connecting with other skaters and building up friendships based on shared passion is another reason skateboarding has been said to improve mental health. The shared activity bridges the divide between cultures, races and genders, helping to increase understanding between these groups. The study also showed that skaters of color felt a greater degree of safety from judgment within the skateboarding community than in non-skate contexts. 

The study also linked skateboarding with perseverance and resilience.  Skaters in the study reported that they apply the lesson of resilience they learned in skateboarding to their lives outside of skateboarding. Like Rodney Mullen said: “The vast majority of what we do is fall and get back up again”. 


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