Skateboarder Chad Caruso Gives an Update on His Journey Across America

He’s halfway to his goal of a cross-country trek

On March 24, a skateboarder from Long Island named Chad Caruso left Venice Beach, California. His final destination? Virginia Beach, Virginia. Now, if you know the geography of America, you know those two cities are on opposite ends of the country. Indeed, Caruso is on a 3,000-mile trek on his skateboard, one that he expects will take him a little over two months (his target date for Virginia Beach is June 2).



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Why is Caruso doing this? To raise money for Natural High, a nonprofit that deals with addiction and drug use. The skater has been sober for six years, and he is hoping to help others looking for a path to sobriety. You can donate to his GoFundMe if you are so inclined. Additionally, Caruso is updating people regularly with vlogs from his trip. Now, his videos tend to have grabby titles like “You’re Not Gonna Believe This” and “This Changes Everything.” However, “This Changes Everything” is his most-recent video (as of this writing), and it is his vlog for Day 30 of his trip. That means he’s been at it for a month. How is Caruso doing? Watch and find out!!

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