Blake Johnson Goes All Out for 30 Minutes for Santa Cruz

What can he do with a half hour in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a great city for skating, and Santa Cruz  knows that. Recently, Santa Cruz’s Blake Johnson was at Canyelles Skatepark in the Spanish city, and they wanted to see what he can do. Specifically, Santa Cruz’s Justin Sommer grabs the timer for another edition of the brand’s 30 Minutes video series. A skater gets a half hour at a park to do everything they can. It’s 30 minutes of skating chaos. Well, Johnson skated for 30 minutes. However, the video has been edited down to about 16 minutes. Hey, that’s still more than most skating videos. What can Johnson do with 30 minutes? Did he impress Sommer? Was Barcelona burned to the ground by hot skating action? Watch the video and find out.

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