Ricky Glaser is Working to Suck Less

And he has Krux’s support

Even if you’re good at something, you might not be good at every aspect of it. Shaquille O’Neal was a bad free throw shooter. Lil Wayne can’t play guitar to save his life. The same goes for skateboarders. You might not be good at every trick under the Sun, and that is at the core of Krux Trucks’ video series Tricks I Suck At. It’s all right there in a name. A skater works on a trick they aren’t good at and try to improve until they are at least decent at it. In this edition, Krux’s Ricky Glaser is working on his front crooks. While Glaser already had plenty of tricks in his bag, a front crook would be a nice addition to his repertoire. How did Glaser do? Does he still suck at the front crook? Check out the video above to find out.

Maybe Krux Trucks can help you polish up some tricks of your own.

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