Relive Nyjah Huston’s Incredible Handrail Grind

It doesn’t get any easier to believe

Street League Skateboarding has taken us for a trip down memory lane that is well worth the stroll. The last several months haven’t been great to SLS, but 2017 was a different time. Nyjah Huston is currently one of the biggest names in skateboarding, and videos like this are a big reason why. For this new release, SLS took us back to a 2017 “Face Melter” from Huston. The skater, who will represent Team U.S.A. at the Tokyo Olympics this summer, was hanging with the legendary Geoff Rowley when he took on an ambitious trick. It’s one thing to attempt to grind a handrail, but what about a handrail that runs the length of 34 stairs? Huston gave it a shot and, well, now we have this throwback video from SLS right here. We look forward to seeing more highlights from Huston in Tokyo.

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