Red Bull Focuses on the Skating in New West Africa Edit

Enjoy the highlights of the brand’s trip to the continent

Last year, Red Bull went to West Africa. Their crew included skaters such as Aaron Homoki, aka “Jaws,” Yann Horowitz, Barney Page, and Dakota Servold. They visited the countries of Senegal and Cape Verde and immersed themselves into the local skate scene. It was really cool, and we bet Red Bull would like to do something like that in the future again. Until that’s plausible, though, Red Bull decided to give the footage from last year’s trip a skating-focused edit.

This new video is basically geared toward the skating enthusiasts out there. While we like a bit of culture, sometimes you just want to see the dope tricks. This reedit is basically just the skating clips from the original video, which means you still get to see the West African sites, but only if you can pull your eyes away from the tricks. Give the slimmed-down video a watch above.

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