Red Bull and Jake Wooten Take Over an Abandoned Airport

And there’s money on the line!

The airport is one of the best Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater levels. However, that airport is not abandoned. There are people around, and sometimes you run them over on your board, which is also fun. Don’t do that in real life, though! It’s not cool to run into people at the airport on your skateboard.

The airport that Red Bull has taken over, though, is not active. For Red Bull Terminal Takeover they went down to Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. What Red Bull decided to do was invite five skateboarding crews from around the United States to tackle the three skateparks they’ve put together in the airport (after all this time we kind of forgot how huge most airports are). You can vote for which crew did the best over at Red Bull’s website.

However, Red Bull rider Jake Wooten was also on hand for the proceedings, and he took a run through the airport as well. You can watch that in the above video before you get to voting.

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