Red Bull Takes Us Inside Margie Didal’s Secret Training Facility

Well, it’s not that much of a secret anymore

Margie Didal is at the forefront of skating in the Philippines, and she’s still early in her career. While he’s been skating since she was 12, it’s impressive that she’s done so much by 21. However, what she couldn’t do, unfortunately, is save her hometown of Cebu’s only skatepark. What was a promising young skater to do? Well, in Didal’s case, she built herself an indoor training facility in the Philippines. Now, Didal has let us – or specifically Red Bull – into her facility to take a look at it. Hey, she’s proud of what she’s done, and we get it. However, Didal has goals beyond flexing her skate-space-building skills. Didal wants to build up skating in the Philippines so that a public indoor skatepark can be built. Think of how much she’s done so far at her age. Would you question her ability to do it? For now, see where Didal is spending her time in the video above.

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