Powell-Peralta Puts Andy Anderson’s Board to the Test

And they got a bunch of the crew to take part

Andy Anderson is going to be the only male Canadian skater taking part in the Tokyo Olympics. When skating debuts, he’ll be there repping the land of hockey and maple syrup. For their latest video, the folks over at Powell-Peralta decided to take one of Anderson’s skateboards for a spin or seven. The Andy Anderson 9.13’’ board gets used by several different Powell-Peralta skaters at a bunch of different locations.

Anderson himself isn’t involved – he’s probably a bit busy getting ready for the Olympics – but a lot of the Powell-Peralta team get their shot on the board. See Powell-Peralta’s session in the video above.
Powell-Peralta has plenty of boards for sale themselves, and a lot of other stuff in their online store.

DOSE's YouTube channel has more Andy Anderson:

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