Andy Anderson is the Great Canadian Hope

At least, as far as the men’s park event is concerned

When you watch the Olympics, sometimes an athlete is sort of off by their lonesome for a country. Sometimes they are literally the only one there, like that Tongan dude who showed up with the oily muscles for both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Andy Anderson won’t be the only Canadian at the Tokyo Olympics. However, he will be the only man in the park event for the Olympics’ skateboarding debut. As he discusses in this interview with the CBC, it wasn’t easy to get there. 

Long story short, Anderson needed to finish in the top 16 at the recent Dew Tour event in Des Moines, the last qualifier for the Olympics. Unfortunately, he also banged up his knee while at the event. Anderson gutted it through, though, and managed to qualify, ensuring Canada would have a representative in his event. Fortunately, it’s expected that Anderson will be healthy by the time it starts. The interview is an interesting read, and there’s some video thrown in there as well for those of you who like to watch stuff.

DOSE's YouTube channel has more Andy Anderson:

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