Powell-Peralta Puts a Classic Skateboard Through the Paces

Can this old dog learn some new tricks?

Powell-Peralta is part of skateboarding history. We can understand them dipping into the past occasionally. However, when they do it, they do it with a modern twist. That’s the crux of their video series Old Dog, New Tricks. They take a classic skateboarding design from the past, and then the Powell-Peralta crew of today puts it through its paces.

For the latest edition, they have busted out the Steve Caballero Street Dragon, which was originally released way back in 1987, before most of you reading this was born we’re sure. Powell-Peralta took the Cab Street Dragon to South Pasadena Skatepark. How’d it turn out? Does a board designed in 1987 still hold up? Why not watch and find out?

If you want a more modern board from Powell-Peralta, they are selling those as well.

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