Andy Anderson Takes Us to His Hometown

Oh Canada!

Andy Anderson is one of the standout personalities in skating. Any chance to see him in action, or just watch him do his thing as a person for a few minutes, is usually worthwhile. Anderson is the center of Seen Him, a new video from Powell-Peralta. There’s some tricks thrown in, but there’s more to Seen Him than a mere part. It’s almost like a mini-doc about Anderson. For the video, the Zenga Brothers paid a visit to see Anderson in his hometown of White Rock, British Columbia. It’s an unexpected place for a skater like Anderson to come from, and not just because of the weather. Like a town out of Footloose, it’s illegal to skate in White Rock. Of course, that doesn’t stop Anderson. If you want to see Anderson both skate and also talk about his skating philosophy, you should definitely check out this video right here. Either way, he’s fascinating.

Powell-Peralta has been around since 1978, and they are still going strong and offering up an assortment of stuff for sale.

DOSE's YouTube channel has more Andy Anderson:

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