Player Skateboards: The Brand Launched by Some of Barcelona’s Greatest

I think we may be in love.

It’s no secret that Barcelona is rightfully considered the skateboarding mecca of the world, with its urban architecture and tolerant policing laws towards skating, the entire city becomes one big playground for skaters alike. 

With this, comes an influx of new Barcelona based, skater-owned brands which aim to embody the unique, creative spirit of the city and spread it across the globe. Free-WIFI and Bye Jeremy are two key examples of brands derived from the sheer enjoyment and relationships built as a result of skating iconic spots like MACBA.

The latest brand hailing from the streets of Barcelona is none other than “Player Skateboards”, launched by Tristán Grijalbo, the founder of Mosaic Bearings, and supported by a heavyweight team of local tech veterans such as Dani Jenks, Carlos Cardeñosa and Brayan Albarenga. Player is also launched in collaboration with HLC distribution, the company responsible for the production of boards for brands such as Flip and SK8MAFIA – It’s pretty safe to say we can expect some top-notch boards.

Players first collection of boards gives us a nostalgic retro feel that instantly transports us back to the 90s, the same time period as when Barcelona was first established as a must-visit hotspot for skaters worldwide due to large scale projects for the 1992 Olympics such as ‘Barcelona Ponte Guapa’, which essentially aimed to improve the urban landscape of the city, subsequently giving skaters more ledges, stairs and plazas than they could ever ask for.

With a team as talented as this, we can’t wait to see what’s in store from player. 

Check out Players current collection here.

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