Paul Rodriguez Takes on Jereme Rogers on Foooour Wheels

SLS’s game show takes it up a notch

Paul Rodriguez has been all over the internet the last couple of weeks. Hey, we get it. The dude has a lot to promote. Primitive just unveiled a brand new skatepark and Nike SB is dropping a shoe in his honor. It’s kind of like how when somebody is promoting their new movie or TV show and you hear them on every other podcast you listen to.

Rodriguez’s latest appearance comes via Street League Skateboarding’s game show Foooour Wheels. OK, so maybe this actual battle between P-Rod and Jereme Rogers was filmed in 2017. However, Street League Skateboarding just posted it on their YouTube page, and they have been trotting out some classic Foooour Wheels episodes recently.

Hey, it’s still fun to watch, and ‘tis the season for Paul Rodriguez. If you missed this episode back in 2017, and it’s totally alright if you did, you can catch it in the above video, right now.

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