Check Out Primitive’s New Skatepark

They pulled out all the stops

Primitive has an enviable skateboarding team. How do you keep a team that strong together? By giving them perks. It’s like how some workspaces will put in a ping pong table or have a chef come in to make breakfast once a week. What about Primitive? Well they’ve build a brand-new private skatepark. Paul Rodriguez, the man at the top of the ladder over at Primitive, helped mastermind the building of what is truly an impressive skatepark for the Primitive team. In this video, Rodriguez gives us a tour of the space, which seems like it would be a ton of fun to skate. Plus, it’s lit perfectly to make Primitive’s videos really pop. That’s how you know that Rodriguez and company are dedicated to the cause. Want to see the new Primitive Skatepark? Check it out in the video above, and set your goal of making the Primitive team so you can skate it sometime.

Primitive doesn’t just have a cool skatepark, but some cool boards and apparel you can buy as well.

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