Paul Rodriguez Introduces a New Skateboarding & Basketball Game, “EIGHT UP”

Where skateboarding meets basketball

Paul Rodriguez has recently introduced a new game to the skateboarding community where they combined skateboarding with basketball, this game is now known as ‘Eight Up’, the reason P.Rod named it this is to honor Kobe Bryant.

You should already know how to skate in order to play otherwise it would for sure prove to be difficult as the objective is to perform tricks, flips, and grinds while aiming to shoot hoops. By combining the technicality of skateboarding with the basketball strategy, "EIGHT UP" promises an immersive and challenging gameplay experience.

It’s also helpful to find a friend to compete with that is at around the same level of skateboarding so you can compete with each other. One major pro about this game is that it’s a fun way to build up consistency and to take the time to practise the tricks you feel you need to work on without feeling like it's too boring.

So next time you head to a park with a hoop, take a ball with you and round up the crew!

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