Nike SB Talks About the History of Skate Contests

Four legends catalog the evolution

Skateboarding contests are going to the next level thanks to the Olympics. For years, we’ve had the X Games. Then, there are those skaters who don’t like the idea of contests at all. Skateboarding is an art for them. The beauty of skating is that it can be both sport and art, sometimes simultaneously. Nike SB knows we have skate contests on our mind, which is why they made the new video Contests Legends. For the video, Nike SB talked to four skaters you’ve probably heard of: Eric Koston, Lance Mountain, Paul Rodriguez, and Elissa Streamer.

We say that with our tongue in our cheek, because those are four living legends. They also all had different experiences in the world of contest skateboarding. Mountain is an old-school skater who competed in the days where it might cost you more money to get to the competition than you got for winning it. Streamer competed before many contests had enough women for a women’s competition. You can check it out above.

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