Everything You Need to Know About the Olympic Skateboarding Schedule

Get ready, it’s coming

The Summer Olympics is finally here, and every athlete has now landed in Tokyo, moved in to the Olympic Village and is getting some vital training time in before competitions start. Heck, some have already even started competing!

But, if you’re reading this, you’re here for one reason, and one reason only – to find out every last detail about the Olympic skating schedule to make sure you don’t miss a thing. So, let’s explain:

How does it work?

The skateboarding competition will be split into two categories, Park and Street. Each category will then have a men’s competition, and a female competition. Therefore, in total, there will be four events, split over four days, meaning four skaters have the chance to win gold at Tokyo.

Each event will be judged by 5 official judges, and each skater will receive three chances to complete their best 45 seconds run possible and achieve the highest score.  Judges will score from a scale of 0-100, and marks will be awarded based on factors such as speed, flow, difficulty, originality, style and stability. Therefore, the winners really will be chosen based on a variety of factors – even the best tricks may be marked down if it’s a sketchy landing!

When does the Olympic skateboarding start?

All competitions begin at around 8:30 am in Tokyo, but Tokyo’s pretty far away, which means the first heat for each competition starts at 00:30 in CET, and the finals for each event at around 04:30 am, so set your alarms! The dates are as follows:

Sunday 25th July – Men’s Street
Monday 26th July – Women’s Street
Wednesday 4th August – Women’s Park
Thursday 5th August – Men’s Park

If you haven't seen already, check out the street section of the Olympic skatepark in the photo above!

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