Nike SB Sends Japanese Skaters “Around the World”

Trotting the globe in the name of skating

Tokyo is a hub for skateboarding, so a lot of brands head to Japan to film skate videos there. That has never been more true than in 2021 thanks to the Tokyo Olympics. A lot of the world’s top skaters will be heading to Japan this year, so Nike SB decided to take Tokyo to the rest of the globe. Nike SB and Parra have collaborated on the uniforms for some of the skateboarding squads at the Olympics. This video is clearly designed to showcase the Japanese version of those unis.

Skaters Daisuke Ikeda, Nana Kunugi, Ryo Motohashi, and Sayaka Takano are among those who were sent on a trip around the globe for this video. However, we get the feeling that they actually just shot the video in Tokyo and used footage of other sites in the world. Or, you know, maybe the Nike SB Japan team actually did skate by the Sphinx in Egypt. Decide for yourself by watching in the video above.

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