New Balance Numeric Goes Big in Australia

Gazette takes us to the land down under

It feels like New Balance Numeric gets lost in the shuffle of skateboard shoes. However, like any skating brand it has its fans. We’re also certainly happy New Balance Numeric is around, because it means more skateboarding films and edits for us to enjoy. Films like Gazette, which focuses on New Balance’s skaters from Australia.

The crew heads to Sydney in Gazette, a city famed for its opera house, which would probably be awesome to skate on. They don’t do that in this video, but they do hit up a lot of the famous skateboarding spots in the city, as well as a few you might not have seen. Jack Patterson and Sean Ryan are the stars of the show, but a few other skaters from Down Under show up in this video filmed and edited by Cameron Sparkes. Watch Gazette in the video above.

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