Check This New Balance X SOUR Solution Collaboration

From Sweden dark forest right to the streets

Now based in La Mecca of skateboarding, Barcelona, SOUR Solution has quickly become a well  known reality in the European skateboarding scene, where the brand manufactures its decks and clothing lines. There was a time when Sour was Sweet, but skater's tastes might change during the years, right? New Balance and SOUR just dropped a new crazy sneaker and they took cruising on a wooden piece right to the next level. The 379 Mid Top Modern Clog has that dark Sweden forest's feature, as a result of leather details blended with the renowned Ndurance sole technology. Skating the forest is not always a good idea, but you might have the chance to crash into some sophisticated sneaker manufacturers. The New Balance X SOUR Solution 379 Mid Top is available from 3.3.2021 on the New Balance website, in skate stores across the planet!

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