Nassim Lachhab & Matisse Banc In Bronson Speed Co’s “Life In The Fast Lane”

Bronson’s “Life In The Fast Lane”

Take a seat and join the ride in Nassim Lachhab & Matisse Blancs Fiat rental as they drive around San Diego for the latest episode of “Life In The Fast Lane”



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As they cruise through San Diego, Nassim and Matisse share stories about growing up, living a gypsy life and hustling for a place to stay. It's more of a positive thing and not a negative, plus some of the crazy things they've seen on the road, and legendary tricks that they've witnessed at various skate spots in France, Morocco and around Europe.

They then pull up to 'Poods' skatepark (Encinitas Plaza) and start killing it effortlessly, accompanied by Kevin Baekel, Lefty, Omar Salazar, as well as Sk8mafia’s Alexis Ramirez and Alex Willms. Nassim then shuts down the session with a nollie heelflip back noseslide back shuv it out.


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