Here's What Went Down at The Monster Energy Side Mission Premier in Porto, Portugal

Hosted by Jorge Simões

What better to do on a rainy and windy winter night? Well, I have got a suggestion. Get a beer and go watch a skate video with your friends.

Monster Energy thought the same thing and premiered Side Mission at the Selina Navis in Porto, Portugal. We got to see familiar faces and had a good time. The room was big and filled up fast so that it had people watching from outside. More than a hundred people showed up, nothing new because we rarely see anything like this in our city.

Jorge Simões was the host, and after a brief speech and introduction, right around 10:20 p.m., the video started and grabbed everybody's attention. This video is full of fun skits, such as Simões drifting with his car on the highway or Ishod raging at a trash can. There were standing ovations and cheers after several parts, many to Jorge, our local star. This video is a gem, with every part getting better after another.

You already know Nyjah's part was a treat, and I won't spoil anything, but let me tell you one name, Jhancarlos Gonzalez!



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Monster stated, "City after city the crew toured throughout the hot summer of '22, from Germany's finest street spots to Israel's gnarliest transitions, the seriously heavy crew brings you their unexpurgated Side Mission." 

So, let's hope Thrasher won't make us wait much longer.


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