Maurio McCoy puts MOB Grip to the test

He gets busy at his local

Grip it and Rip is where pro skater Maurio McCoy shows off his skills and tricks on different spots and terrains. Last time Grip it and Rip it was filmed with Jonny Hernandez . In this one, he uses Mob Grip, the grippiest grip tape in skateboarding, to rip it up with style and confidence.  

Whether it’s a rail, a stair set, a bowl, or a ledge, Maurio sets up a freshie of the Grippiest and gets busy at his local. Watch him shred some gnarly spots and learn some tips and tricks from the master himself. The vid is not only about Maurio, but also about his friends who tagged along the sesh and have fun. So, if you wanna see if MOB Grip cuts the mustard, give it a watch!

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