Check Out Jonny Hernandez’s Part in Hardware Heavyweights

The young skater is a real diamond in the rough for Diamond Hardware

Jonny Hernandez is only 21, but he’s already a skater we’re keeping our eye on. We respect his skills so much we don’t even accidentally spell his name “Johnny” or something like that. There will be a lot of good things coming for the man they called Jonny 5 Skate, which is a reference to the movie Short Circuit that came out well over a decade before he was born. It’s pretty much a guarantee he didn’t get the reference the first time he heard it, right? Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. For now, there’s a new part starring Hernandez that we need to get to.

Diamond Hardware is showcasing Hernandez is the latest edition of its Hardware Heavyweights series. Even though Hernandez is barely old enough to drink in the United States, he has already earned the designation of “heavyweight.” It’s been clear how gifted Hernandez is since he was a teenager, and if you haven’t seen him before, you will probably be wowed by this part. Check out Hernandez in Hardware Heavyweights above.

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