How to Tre Flip with Joshua Mayson

A Dose Skateboarding Tutorial

Hey everyone, it's DOSE Tutorial time! Today, we're dealing with the 360 flip also called: TRE FLIP.

In this video, we teamed up with skateboarder Joshua Mayson @joshuamayson_ from London, who's all about this trick. Ever since Josh saw Mike Mo Capaldi pull one off, he's been in love with tre flips. With almost 16 years in the game, Josh makes the trick look so damn effortless. 

It's often one of the advanced tricks that many skaters tackle after mastering the pop shuvit and kickflip. So, if you're looking to learn or simply improve your tre flip skills, check out our latest DOSE video above!

Got any other tricks you want us to break down? Hit us up in the comments and let us know what's next on your list!

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