Margielyn Didal Visits Barcelona for the First Time

She’s living the MACBA Life

Margielyn Didal was one of the stars of the Tokyo Olympics, even if she didn’t take home a medal. The Filipina skater has been trotting the globe apparently, and Japan isn’t the only country on her to-do list. Didal recently took a trip to Barcelona where she stopped by the famed MACBA plaza. If you are a skater, you have to stop by MACBA at some point in your life.

However, Didal’s recent sojourn to the spot was actually her first. Luckily for us, it was chronicled by MACBA Life, the YouTube channel that has dedicated itself to the Spanish plaza that has been a skating hot spot for decades. How did Didal’s first experience at MACBA go? To find that out, check out the MACBA Life video of the Olympian doing her thing in Barcelona in the video above.

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