Lucien Clarke Gives Out New Signature DC Shoes To Locals

Lucien Clarke's DC Shoes release at South Bank

Palace Skateboard's pro, Lucien Clark, recently showed his appreciation by giving back to his fans at his local spot South Bank. To celebrate the product drop, Lucien put together six big boxes filled with his new signature DC Shoes.

Those lucky enough to be cruising South Bank this day would have seen Lucien strolling into the park with what seemed like enough product to support a medium-sized contest.

Lucien has had to advance since his transition from Louis Vuitton to DC Shoes. Nevertheless, he continues to demonstrate his dedication to his close friend Virgil Abloh, who believed in and supported him by dedicating a campaign to him.

By giving away a ton of free shoes at his local spot, all of Lucien's fans were appreciative of what he did for the scene; things like this are what help make the community a better place to be in, Lucien is a G!

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