Louie Did Not Enjoi Valentines Day

Louie Barletta leaves Enjoi

Yesterday was of course Valentine's Day, and Louie Barletta expressed his heartbreak through social media, shocking the skate world as he released a heartfelt message to friends, fans, and followers. In the unexpected post, he revealed that he is breaking up with Enjoi and has left the company; the Instagram post consists of an image of an Enjoi board with the classic panda logo. The deck has been cut in half and positioned in the shape of a broken heart along with this beautifully written message:



A post shared by Louie Barletta (@louiebarletta)

"Another broken heart on Valentine's Day. I'm so sorry for leaving you. There were times I sacrificed everything for you. I loved you more than life, enjoi was my life. And what a life it has been. I wouldn't trade what we had together for anything! I've learned so much on our journey together. I'll always cherish the memories of seeing the kids grow into adults, and achieving their dreams. I'll never forget the sorrow of losing team riders and loved ones passing away. I'm so thankful for you for creating videos and ads that will forever immortalize them and embody their spirit and passion forever. I'm so thankful that we can relive those memories and that they will live on forever in all those enjoi videos. Even though we are in a different place now, I am forever blessed to be able to look back and know even thru the tough times, we tried our best to stay true to what the brand was about, friendships and having fun. There will forever be a scar in my heart, reminding me of you. But I have to believe that my heart is now much bigger and more forgiving because of the wonderful time we spent together. Who knows, maybe we too can someday be like ben and j-lo, but for now, I must say goodbye as I pour myself a glass of red wine and slip my weary body into a nice warm bubbly tub to soothe my aching bones and drown my sorrows".

Whatever happens, Louie has been and always will be one of skateboarding's biggest inspirations; he taught countless people out there how to just have fun with skateboarding which is what it's all about. As he said himself, "stay true to what the brand was about, friendships and having fun". We all want the absolute best for Louie and hope these wounds heal as fast and best as they can.


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