Lizzie Armanto And Axel Cruyberghs Are Married

Congratulations to the happy couple

It’s Friday. It’s been a long week/month/year. How about some happy news to take you into the weekend. It’s a story of love and skateboarding. Are you familiar with skaters Lizzie Armanto and Axel Cruyberghs? They are certainly familiar with each other, as the two pro skateboarders are now married.

The news was dropped by Armanto on her Instagram a few days ago. So yeah, we are a few days late, but to be far Armanto waited 10 days after their marriage ceremony to make the announcement. Armanto is hoping to represent Finland at the Summer Olympics, which will hopefully happen in Tokyo next summer, and Cruyberghs is a well-respected skater from Belgium. The two may be from different countries, but they share a love of skating, as well as a love for each other. Personally, we just think it’s cool two pro skaters found each other and got married. This is a tremendously rough year for couples wanting to tie the knot, as weddings this year just aren’t what they have been in the past. We just want to extend our congratulations to Cruyberghs and Armanto for their happy news. Hopefully this is a nice pick-me-up to kick off your weekend.


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