Check Out Lizzie Armanto’s New Backyard Vert Ramp

There’s no excuse for not getting enough practice now

Armanto will be representing Finland when skateboarding finally debuts at the Olympics in 2021 (we’re typing this with crossed fingers). She is a skater ever on the rise, and now she has a nice little sign of her success at her home. Armanto has finished construction on a vert ramp in her very own backyard. Not a flimsy one, either. You know, like the one your cousin tried to build that time when you were kids. Skatelite, who provided the materials for the ramp, made a video to show off Armanto’s ramp. And their own handiwork, of course.

While most of us will never have a ramp like this in our yards, we can live vicariously through Armanto. She must be getting plenty of reps in as she prepares to try and win a medal for Finland in Tokyo. For a look at her ramp, and Armanto’s thoughts on her vision for its construction, check out the video from Skatelite above.

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