Let’s Go Back to the Beginning with Pedro Barros

Red Bull spotlights Brazilian skateboarding

Brazil is known as a football powerhouse, but it’s also one of the best skateboarding nations in the world. While the United States is likely still at the top of the heap when it comes to skating talent, Brazil has not been a slouch for many years, and if a Brazilian takes home a medal at the Olympics don’t be surprised. Of course, it all had to start somewhere, and Red Bull has a new video that delves into the history of the Brazilian skate scene. They do this through the prism of Brazilian skating legend Pedro Barros. Barros began many years ago skating in bowls and being inspired by folks like Steve Caballero. He’s come a long way, and so has Brazil. It’s an interesting story, and you can get a pretty in-depth telling of it in the video above.

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