Julian Lewis Sticks the Landing for MOB Grip

We’re still trying to come to grips with his skill

Connecticut is the Nutmeg State, and Connecticut native Julian Lewis definitely brings the spice when he’s on his board. You can see that in his part for MOB Grip. While “Bro Style” is kind of a goofy name, there’s nothing goofy about the action in Bro Style by MOB Grip. The description of the video calls Lewis a “human wrecking ball” and we definitely agree. It’s quite impressive to see him in action, especially when he’s grinding a rail. There are some truly daunting rails in Lewis’ way in this part, but he doesn’t seem worried. Maybe it’s the grip he’s feeling on his feet. Or maybe it’s just his confidence in his skill. Lewis isn’t telling, but he’s showing us just how much he can do on a board above.

Looking for some grip tape of your own? Check out what MOB Grip has to offer.

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