Jordyn Barratt Gives CJ McCollum Some Skating Pointers

Maybe he taught her how to dunk in turn

In a meeting of the sporting minds, CJ McCollum headed to a skatepark to hang with American Olympian Jordyn Barratt. Barratt is one of the bigger names in skating today, or maybe it just feels that way because she’s on the boxes for one flavor of Clif Bars. If you aren’t a basketball fan you might not know McCollum’s name, but the Portland Trail Blazer is a smooth shooter who once won Most Improved Player and is considered one of the better players not to make an All-Star Game (yet).

Of course, CJ is on Barratt’s turf, so they mostly talk about skateboarding and McCollum watches Barratt do her thing. It’s just two people at the top of their worlds hanging. Also, the whole thing is clearly sponsored content but we weren’t paid to promote anything so we aren’t going to drop any names. The other stuff in the video is cool, though. Watch it in the video above.

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