Jerome Sossou For Ace Trucks

Ace Trucks welcomes new GROM!

Ace Trucks have bagged themselves another dope member for their team as they introduce their newest Grom Jérôme Sossou to the Ace family, this news was released along with an outstanding 3 minutes of curb and ledge destruction!



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Sossou is 100% skate rat! Weaving his way through the rough cobbled streets and jumping onto just about any crusty ledge he considers his wheels might just about roll on.Setting aside his ballsy approach to crusty spots and hard-to-skate ledges, kind of like Boulala’s style back in his flip days. Skinny ledges, big wallies and narrow gaps with a “fuck you” attitude!

If one thing is certain, it's that this dude knows how to put down a tasty flat-ground switch heel that’s fo sho! Congrats Jérôme Sossou and Ace Trucks!

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