IOC Release Emotional New Video for ‘Stronger Together’ Campaign

Where there’s Olympics, there’s hope

By now, you’re probably aware that the Tokyo Olympics is about to start in just over a week, we’ve talked about it a lot, and rightly so – it’s absolutely huge for the skateboarding world. Never before has skateboarding been placed on a world stage like this before, and the potential this has to influence a new younger generation of skateboarders is astounding. Moreover, skateboarders who have dedicated their entire life to the sport, such as Manny Santiago, finally get the chance to proudly represent their country and see their lifetime of hard work pay off, regardless of victory or not. 

In essence, the Tokyo Olympics symbolizes hope, not only for skateboarding, but for anything – if we think back to 50 years ago, who would have ever thought that skateboarding, once heavily marginalized, would one day be a respected and celebrated sport?  The latest installment to the IOC’s video content truly highlights how the Olympics embodies hope and is an essential force for progressive change within society. 

The video takes us through a journey throughout history, exploring how the Olympics has changed through the eyes of Angel Keleti, the oldest-living Olympic Champion. Towards the end of the video, we see the latest monumental change Angel has experienced, which is the inclusion of skateboarding and the hope this gives to a new wave of athletes, such as Sky Brown, the youngest-ever Olympic competitor. You can check out all the changes Angel experienced throughout her life in the video above.

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