I Hate the Way This Skateboard Looks With Every Fiber of My Being


Obviously, for a serious skater, the specs of your setup matter. You care about deck quality, bearings quality, wheel quality, and all that is key. However, you also think about aesthetics. If you don’t want a board that looks dope, I don’t get you. It’s your business, but you and I are on opposite sides of that notion. Speaking of board aesthetics, I stumbled upon a skate deck that is, perhaps, the worst-looking board I have ever seen.


Now, caveats apply. One, I found it on Amazon. It’s from a brand called “Rude Boyz” which isn’t exactly Santa Cruz. Plus, it is a board for kids. It’s a cheap board, you give it to your young kid, they cruise around a bit, fall down a bunch, and it’s all good. Even so, god I hate the artwork on this thing. There are two deck types, one is a bunch of hearts and is fine, but the other is a hot dog, and it looks revolting. The artwork looks so weird. From a certain distance, it almost looks 3-D in a way I find upsetting. The ketchup looks nightmarish. I’ve seen some decks with looks I’d give a major thumbs down to in the past, but this offering may be the worst. Take a look at it yourself…if you dare.

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