How Wes Kremer Lives an Analog Life

Join Madars Apse as he kicks it with Wes Kremer!

In the latest ‘Skate Tales’ episode released by RedBull Skateboarding, Madars Apse heads out to Mission Beach, SD to kick it with 2014 SOTY and Sk8mafia legend, Wes Kremer. In this episode, Wes enlightens us about his life in SD, skating from an early age and mixing in with the sickest crew at just 13 years old.

Wes talks about some of the most memorable tricks such as doing 15 stairs at 15 years of age, as well as pulling out ramps religiously onto the strip of paradise every Wednesday on Mission Beach which they referred to as ‘Big Wednesday’.



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Wes also sheds some light on why he likes being off the radar and disconnected from social media, only having his flip phone along with a ton of magazines to read. For this, he gives a valid point as to why he favourites magazines because of just one simple reason. “There’s an end”.

Can't argue with that!

Wes lives life on his terms and if his sponsors don't like it, he will simply skate the other way and carry on doing his shit the way he likes to. That's what’s up.


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